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Services we offer We are a full-service roofing company specializing in the replacement of existing roofs, repairs, maintenance and gutter installation.
Roof replacement
Your roof's main goal is to keep your family and all that you own safe and dry; so when it's time for a new roof call the professionals you can trust. We stand behind our work by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Roof repairs
Why replace when you can repair? You may not need that complete replacement just yet. A repair may keep you and your home's contents dry for years to come. No need to throw away good money on a new roof when a repair will do.
Roof maintenance
Proper maintenance will help prevent major problems before they appear and add years to the life of your roof. Our annual maintenance program provides you with gutter cleaning, discounts on future repairs, debris removal, skylight cleaning, and a 19-Point Roof Inspection.
Gutter installation
An improperly functioning gutter system can cause water damage to your eaves, siding, and foundation and can be the start of serious mold problems. Whether you are looking to repair an existing system, or for a complete new system, we can help.
Free 19-point inspection
Our free inspection includes the general quality of roof material, flashing, skylights, chimneys, venting, an attic inspection for fungus, mold, leaks, and more, as follows:
1. Water leaks
2. Deteriorating or rotted decking
3. Rotting under eaves or in fascia
4. Granular deterioration or rotting shakes
5. Missing or loose shingles
6. Stains or mold on the ceilings
7. Presence of algae or moss
8. Presence of mold (usually inside the attic)
9. Damaged or corroded flashing
10. Cracked, buckled, blistered or curled shingles
11. Proper ventilation
12. Damaged or corroded attic vents
13. Improperly nailed roof
14. Loose, damaged or leaking gutters
15. Cracked or corroded plumbing flashings
16. Properly roofed valleys
17. Excessive debris on the roof
18. Properly sealed roof
19. Properly flashed skylight and chimney
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